Elections 2021

Residents go to the polls on 6 May to
cast their vote for our next Kent Police
& Crime Commissioner and also in
Kent County Council elections.
In addition to voting in person at a polling
station, you can submit a postal vote or
choose someone to vote for you in what’s
called a proxy vote. The deadline for
applications for a postal vote is 20 April,
and 27 April to apply for a proxy vote.
Apply early please.

Visit www.ashford.gov.uk/ways-of-voting
or email your name and address to
vote@ashford.gov.uk if you require a
paper form.
As a result of pandemic health and safety
measures, you may not be able to vote at
your usual polling station and you may
have to travel further to vote in a polling
station. It may also take longer to vote

Image to draw attention to local elections featuring the phrase Ballot Box