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Grants for Businesses & Charities

Update to restrictions during Covid pandemic from Ashford Borough Council

Dear All

In case you are not already aware, grants for eligible businesses which have been required to close by law during the latest phase of national COVID-19 restrictions are now available. Eligible charitable organisations can also apply.

The grants are called the Local Restrictions Support Grant (LRSG) and the Additional Restrictions Grant (Discretionary) (ARG)

In broad terms, for LRSG the business or charity would need to pay business rates and be forced to close to be eligible for this grant. For ARG, this is for businesses required to close, but not paying business rates, or businesses significantly impacted by the closure of other businesses in the retail, hospitality, leisure and events industry. 

The policy and detailed eligibility criteria for these grants are on the ABC website with the links off this page:


Michelle Byrne

Funding and Partnerships Officer | Culture | Ashford Borough Council